Our Mission

A Uniquely Positioned Vehicle Functioning in a Booming Industry
4EverSports is a Luxembourg based innovative sports entertainment consulting and private investment agency. Over the past two decades, the sports industry has undergone tremendous growth and all indications point to continued robust expansion over the next several years. Sport has demonstrated its resilience in the face of a significant economic downturn with stable attendance figures at events, record setting viewership and sponsorship deals and with prolific media rights contracts that continue to test and shape the market. Success in a challenging climate is epitomized this year in the form of the Premier League £5.136bn TV rights deal record, 71% above the previous deal, which showcased burgeoning public interest in a broad scope of broadcasters and countries.


Sports also goes beyond borders on all the continents as demonstrated by the organization of the forthcoming Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil, the Baku 2015 First European Games in Azerbaijan, the Pyongyang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, as well as the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.
We are convinced that 4EverSports is uniquely positioned with its International Financial, Marketing and Social Approach and Network to serve as a major platform in this growing industry.
We are proud to connect together and leverage partnerships between the different parties - Clubs, Associations, Governing Bodies, Talents & Agents, Financial Investors, Brands & Sponsors, and New Innovative Tech Startup companies -, and to promote the best practices and social values, across the sports disciplines and the continents.