Private Equity and R&D

Intelligent Application of Capital to Sport

4EverSports is a European private investment and consulting platform focused purely on driving investment and growth in the sport and entertainment industry. 4EverSports takes an “operating leverage” approach, proactively seeking opportunities which allow it to leverage its significant experience and track record of success in sport entertainment and business. 4EverSports works with sports & entertainment entities where it can intelligently apply both commercial and financial capital to drive growth internationally.

By combining experts from across the sector who understand the political, commercial and sporting needs of the industry and its consumers, we bring a new investment ethos to sport. The investment team only examine opportunities that are directly related to the sport entertainment sector, including sports club, sports and entertainment talents, sports media, technology, betting, IT and support service businesses. We are highly selective in the company we keep. We look for outstanding managers to acquire businesses with established market positions.

A part of 4EverSports investment will help promote, support and reward the best projects across the globe that are using sport for positive social change.